Jesse Paul - Full Part

October 24, 2016 1 min read

One of BeaverWax's newest advocates, Jesse Paul, has dropped his full part from Reckless Abandon on SnowboarderMag. Check it out here.

Anyone that has spent time at Mt. Hood the past half decade, watched camp recaps, or saw his Impaler segment a few years back has witnessed the truth that is Jesse Paul. When this young Minnesotan was tapped to join Bode Merrill filming for Reckless Abandon, he strapped in with the goal of leaving it all out in the streets. With an almost inhuman sense of balance and a quiet creativity to the way he looks at spots, Jesse Paul’s clips inReckless only further cement what Instagram has been claiming for years. While further proof of Jesse’s prowess isn’t needed to #turnjessepaulpro, 2016 is looking like his year, though we’re positive it will only be the first of many.

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