October 24, 2016


Jesse Paul - Full Part

One of BeaverWax's newest advocates, Jesse Paul, has dropped his full part from Reckless Abandon on SnowboarderMag. Check it out here.

Anyone that has spent time at Mt. Hood the past half decade, watched camp recaps, or saw his Impaler segment a few years back has witnessed the truth that is Jesse Paul. When this young Minnesotan was tapped to join Bode Merrill filming for Reckless Abandon, he strapped in with the goal of leaving it all out in the streets. With an almost inhuman sense of balance and a quiet creativity to the way he looks at spots, Jesse Paul’s clips in Reckless only further cement what Instagram has been claiming for years. While further proof of Jesse’s prowess isn’t needed to #turnjessepaulpro, 2016 is looking like his year, though we’re positive it will only be the first of many.

October 11, 2016


9 Year Old Neko Reimer

It has been a lot of fun watching Neko progress over the last few seasons and I cannot wait to see his skills by the time he becomes a teenager! Sit back and enjoy Neko's trip to New Zealand this summer.

9 Year Old Neko Reimer NZ 2016 from Neko Reimer on Vimeo.

October 06, 2016


Wildcats Never Die

Tonight is the night we've all been waiting for. They say 2 years in the making but we all know it's been way more. Below is the premiere schedule so far. 
Vancouver - Oct 6
UK - Oct 12
Berlin - Oct 14
France - Oct 15
Denver - Oct 14/15
Vienna/Innsbruck Oct 17 & 18
Switzerland - Oct 19
Montreal - Oct 20
Toronto - Oct 21
Calgary Oct 22
Whistler - Nov

Wildcats Never Die Teaser 2016 from Clayton Larsen on Vimeo.


October 05, 2016


Typical Things - Road Trip

Join Caley, Taylor and Taylor as they set out on a series of typical adventures. This one in particular being to seek surfing and snowboarding on the same day in British Columbia while enjoying as many things as possible along the way.

September 14, 2016


Wildcats Never Die

We are stoked to sponsor a film by a crew that influenced us growing up in Canada. Check out the new Wildcats Never Die teaser here.


July 26, 2016


King Of The Mountain - China

Honoured to be sponsoring the King of The Mountain summer rail jam tour throughout China. The goal of this tour is to bring awareness of skiing and snowboarding to Southern China in hopes people will give the sports a try and travel to the mountains in Northern China. This tour is presented by the Wanda Group (They are China's version of Intrawest). Thanks to Dan at Fix Binding Asia.

LP Dorval bring home the pay cheques!

March 23, 2016


The Man Boys Trailer

This sure won't disappoint!

March 16, 2016


S-Games in Revelstoke, BC

Looking for plans this weekend? Head over to Revelstoke Mountain in Revelstoke, BC for the annual Society Snow & Skate S-Games!

March 02, 2016


The Duff Open

It's back and Bigger & Better than ever! The Duff Open returns to beautiful Sun Peaks, Resorts March 12th 2016. Come out and support a great event with all proceeds going to The Kamloops Brain Injury Association.


February 04, 2016



Fingers Crossed is a web series created by Taylor Godber & Claudia Avon, which gives you a look behind the scenes of filming a web series or video part.

FINGERS CROSSED EP2 from RyanKennyProductions on Vimeo.

FINGERS CROSSED EP3 from RyanKennyProductions on Vimeo.